O·T·B /ˈohˌteēˌbeē/ (noun, adjective): Only the Bigs

The finest hand-selected, indoor grown cannabis tops from every harvest. OTB is here to provide you with the best cannabis available.

Photo of a large OTB cannabis nug on a scale reading 11.14 grams.

to OTB

OTB began with us getting tired of seeing the same small nugs from every brand on the market. No one was providing large nugs that tested higher than low 20% THC. We entered the market to change that.

We take only the biggest nugs from the tops of our plants every harvest to make up our inventory of Only the Bigs. We take care to ensure that our customers only get the highest quality flower in their orders, and we want them to be proud of the product that they purchased.

OTB Featured Strains

OTB Dosi Punch nug


Slurricane nug


OTB photo of Jupiter OG Nug

Jupiter OG

Fire OG nug

Fire OG