The OTB Team

The Only the Bigs team is made up of a group of individuals that are tired of receiving low quality products from dispensaries in California. We are the resolution.

About Us

The Last Cannabis Brand You'll Ever Buy

Here at OTB, we think that there shouldn't be a compromise when it comes to the quality of the cannabis you buy. Corporate marijuana brands are selling their customers small buds and acting like it is completely normal, but we don't think that way, here.

The Only the Bigs team harvest and package our largest, highest testing nugs, and pass on Only the Best to our customers. There is no reason to provide people with a sub-par product, so I'd say the choice is obvious:

OTB is the last cannabis brand you'll ever need to buy from.

Meet the Team

The team behind Only the Bigs has a combined 45 years’ experience with growth cycles of the plant we all know and love. They are in charge of overseeing every aspect of the growth / harvest cycle, so they are there every step of the way. 365 days a year, nearly 24 hours a day, they are on site caring for our plants. 

Our team is vastly knowledgeable in the cultivation process, so from seed to sesh, they have your back. Every aspect of cultivation & harvest is overseen by our team, and they take great pride in what they do. Happy employees, happy plants, happy customers.

Harvest & Packaging​

Our flowering rooms are always clean and dialed in; The vapor pressure deficient riding high as we concentrate the CO2 levels week by week. By trellising and super cropping the flowers, we can control their growth as they reach for the lights. Throughout cultivation, we maintain pH perfect nutrients and water throughout.

Our flowers finish full and colorful, packed with flavor and sticky trichomes. Our packagers go through multiple quality assurance stages to ensure that the product reaches our customers in a pristine condition.

Growth Process

Our flowering team works closely with our cloning and vegetation teams for precision timing in crop rotation. Throughout the various stages of growth, we’ve tailored our sea of green technique in rock wool for optimal yields, harvest after harvest.